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Friday, April 13, 2012

apr12001 LOOK NEW combi miracle turn reversible stroller(SOLD TO Sylim, KL(RETURN CUSTOMER))

The most advanced stroller ever made.

The Miracle Turn is the most advanced stroller ever made and the top of the Combi stroller range. It’s a brilliant automatic wheel switching system that locks the back wheels and unlocks the front wheels whenever you reverse the handle. Suitable from Newborn to 20 kgs.
Lightweight (6.35 kgs)
Easy open/fold
Double fold makes it super compact
Multiple seat recline
Reversible handle
Constant front steering
Orthopaedic seat cushion
Four-wheel suspension
Huge sunshade
Seat ventilation system
Size (Folded):40W x 28D x 102H

Retail Price: RM17++.00
Selling Price:RM 600.00
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  1. salam, ni campur postage skali ke?

    1. Ya, harge termasuk courier, sila berurusan dgn pn taqiah 0137267864