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Monday, April 30, 2012

apr12005 lucky baby speedy duluxe 3 wheeler compact stroller(SOLD To Norosmanizaidayu Mt saleh,Perak)

 stroller lucky baby 3 wheeler utk dijual..
- unit 3 roda
-sesuai dari new born sampai anak besar
-bukaan yang besar
-5 point safety hardness
-multi position boleh adjust kedudukaan ikut selesa anak(sama ada nk baring,
separuh baring,atau mahu duduk.
-compact bila dah lipat.. boleh tanggal ke3-3 roda.. sangat jimat ruang bonet
sesuai sgt kepada sesiapa yang nak jimat ruang
-keunikan stroller ni nampak je besar tp bila dh d lipt nk masuk beg pun boleh!.(SORRY BEG TAK INCLUDE, )
-senang nak lipat

This is a Lucky Baby - SPEEDY deluxe jogger model. A three-wheeler pram/stroller which is very easy to manouver and nice grips for the handles. Easy two-way foldable method and surprisingly lightweight, for easy storage at home and in any vehicle. Great for strolling, shopping and especially jogging, with the child, with an Activate/Release lock! Importantly, its something comfortable for the child to sit in to, whilst being pushed by mom or dad! Very stable and very under-utilised,

Specs of stroller/pram:

Features : - Adjustable reclining seat - Removable UV protection shield - Reflective Strip - Big shopping basket - Safety Bumper - Release & Activate lock - 3 points safety belt with shoulder pads - Suitable for 6mths onwards (does not recline to flat position) - 34cm x 22cm x 77cm - 7 kg RM 350

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